GreatCoffee trip to Costa Rica

On my journey to Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador I have discovered the farms pay more attention to the processing of the coffee berries.

When I started to visit coffeefarms in 2008, making experiments with different processing methods and among others using Brix to document the sugar content in the coffee berry. The new/wave approach from the farmer has changes tremendously since then.

On this coffee trip I have realized this has  become a common tool to use among farmers  measuring the development of the cherry. Its fantastic to see how the development has improved the past years.

Whereas the old method using a stick to define when the fermentation has ended by dipping this into the fermentet greens – doesn’t comply with a consistant quality.

My last stop on my coffee trip was in Costa Rica. And they have understood to grasp the development and the future of the coffee, by experimenting with different processing methods and experimenting with different cross of varieties. The process is a very pivot point on their survival, because the have discovered quality is not an issue – its a must.

The GreatCoffee trip to Panama, Part 2

How does cupping contribute to your perception of coffee. Is there any relationship between tasting the coffee and exploring the flavors tasting the berries on the farm. On my travel I brought a friend who is deep involved in the wine industry. While walking around tasting the berries from the coffee trees, we were astonished to discover that our favorite coffee on the cupping table was also the favorite cherry picked and tasted while inhaling all the aromas on our field trip.


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Coffeetrip to Central America

New Fincas to visit, a new journey and our first hand on new coffees that will arrive at GreatCoffee at the end of this year.

This year I will visiting the very popular Ninety Plus Gesha Estate. They produce some of the best Geisha varieties in the world. The strategy is simple they only grow Geisha, and it works. Walking around on the farm in the Volcan region, breathing in the jasmin flavors, seems like its the only right thing to do.

Being exposed to such an experience cannot be explained – but is to find in the cup quality.

Danish Championship 2017, this upcoming weekend

If you are already in the city of Aarhus. Cultural city 2017, dont foget to pay visit at the “Central Værkstedet”.

This upcoming weekend Danish Coffeeshow will take place friday to sunday. Coffeenerds will be competing, consignors will present their coffees at the stands.

The doors will open already at 10:00 Am and competitions will start 09.00. The program is available at SCAE.DK.

Greatcoffee will be present at the Danish Barista Championship, with two of my favorite coffees, and they are available to taste in Espressobars stand after competition/presentation.

I hope to see you at Centralværksted this weekend for Coffee.

Sunday the finalists in will compete at 12:00 and be announced at 15:45.