Coffee roasting for World Cup Tasters Championship, 2015

Article produced by World of Coffee Event

As 36 competitors prepare to take to the stage and compete for the title of the 2015 World cup tasters Champion, GreatCoffee Alias Søren Stiller Markussen prepare his personal journey. After winning serveral National and international titles (among his many titles are 1st place Danish Barista Championship 2008, 2010, 2014, 2015 and LatteArt Champion 2007, 2011 and 2nd place at World Latteart championship) In 2009, he vowed his next competition attempt would involve roasting his own coffee.

Danish Championship 2015

Danish Championship was held this weekend in Aarhus, Godsbanen – and 9 barista´s competed…tamping, tasting shriveling….and performing to brew some of the best coffees in Denmark.

All the barista´s were represented from both CPH and Aarhus (you can see the list below with the results) and participants. The Scene was set at Godsbanen at left hand with the Black Eagle sponsored by Kaffemekka and the right side individual grinders for coffee barista´s brought themselves.

“For those of you who don’t know what Black Eagle is – its the “new”…”new” 2 group espresso machine from Nuova Simonelli”.

A Scandinavian approach of coffees from different coffee roasters were represented..among those were “Solberg Hansen, La Cabra, Drop Coffee, The Coffee Collective & GreatCoffee”…..I hope I didnt forget any.

Brewing your art one or “another’s” way

Which of the preferable methods DO you find your”FLAVORISH” in your Coffee

Recently I had the pleasure conducting a seminar for Amateur Barista´s in Copenhagen called Espresso A-Z. As always, I really enjoy spending my time with people whom are so eager to perfect ionize their brew methods optimizing “with what ever it takes tool” trying to narrow down the secret and the hidden treasures of how the make the perfect coffee brew.

WBC 2011, Bogata

World Barista Championship is just around the corner and I am getting nervous,,,,,why? I am not even participating – but I am so proud that i have had the opportunity to help, coach and roast coffee for two participants attending at WBC this year.

Since Feb 2011 I have been coaching Francesco Sanapo from Cafe Corsini towards his Italian Barista Championship as well as roasted his coffee.
After winning the Italian Barista Championship second time in row – which has been the first time in the Italian History – we went to Honduras to select coffees for his performance in Bogata for his World Barista Championship.

We were so lucky that coffee festival in the Copan Region also took place while we were in Honduras. While I was hooking up with old and new coffee friends Francesco went to visit different coffee farms in the Copan region.
After a while my work started by Roasting 19 different coffees on the 1 kg probatino, to be cupped the following day – in the middle of Willem Boots session with advanced cupping.

Wow…all of them were really fantastic. Nice cup profiles in almost all the 19 coffees.

Out of these 19 coffees we blind cupped, we selected three different varieties from two farms
Washed Pacamara from Finca Santa Marta, Family Hawitt.
and Melado, Natural from Finca Las Carucas, Don Pedro Romero.

So after returning back to Denmark roasting the coffees and cupped them several times in Firenze in so many different ways we decided to use the Melados, Natural fMaragogype from Finca Las Carucas.

The coffee is really nice coffee and has such a great potential cold as warm – which was one of the reason we also chosen this coffee “the notes are really fantastic”
iIn the first sip Prunes, Abricot and honey. And the second sip is really refreshing with orange peel and lemon peel notes.

I hope this coffee will show its potential in BOGATA, Columbia demonstrating the excellent coffees from Honduras.