Bocote Wood Compressore Espresso Tamper 57mm

650,00 DKK

Compressore’s smooth and elegant design offers it’s barista non-stop comfort and usability even during the long shifts. Since it’s inception this espresso tamp has quietly gained popularity with many of the industry’s top barista.

The tamper piston is professionally machine milled stainless steel, and is available in your choice of a flat or convex tamp piston in the following stock sizes: 58mm and 57mm.

The Compressore handle is available in a variety of anodized colors as well as 4 different wood types. Buy it complete or purchase the tamp handle alone from our Tamp Handle section for your Espresso Parts Tamper Piston.


Bocote Wood Compressore Espresso Tamper

Bocote is a high quality and beautiful type of wood with very detailed and eye catching zebra-like grain patterns. It is durable and has a beautiful texture with a smooth waxy feel to it.