Brazil, Sitio Vargem Alta

35,00 kr.250,00 kr.

Dark chocolate, raisins and bourbon vanilla.

Very smooth and delicate as an espresso and your daily black coffee, without too much acidity.

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Araponga is one of the most prestigious coffee producing areas of Brazil, with very high altitudes up to 2900m for its highest mountain, the Pico da Neblina. Mr. Juarez, his wife Luzia and their son Adriano have always worked in family on their farm Sitio Vargem Alta.

Mr. Juarez, his wife Luzia and their son Adriano bought their farm in 2008, after many years as farm labour from the neighboring farms. its located in Corrego Vargem Grande and their property is located at the highest point of the municipality.

In my opinion this coffee is scored way to low. Its an excellent cup, without to much acidity – which is one of the reasons its scored lower than I would expect. It very smooth and has a great body without to much acidity.

Variety 100 % Arabica Bourbon
Processing Natural processed Catuai
Land/Region Brazil/Carmo de Minas
Farmer Juaraz Bonato
Altitude 1200 masl
Cupping Score 85
Roast Master, Quality cupper & Barista Søren Stiller Markussen




This coffee is ideal to brew on Chemex, Hario and Cleverdrip. Brew/ratio mass depends on how you pour the water, the weight of your coffee and the length of your brew. I like to recommend that you try to use different pouring techniques. So you will find out what will suit you and the coffee you have in your hands. 1 step: Prefinfusion = Using water to wet the coffee, so the particle can absorb water, giving access to flavour and aromas. As a rule when you use less coffee, less water is used to preinfusion. "just enough to cover the coffee in the filter". 2 step: Blooming = this is where the coffee particles is expanding, as any cellular products, giving access to transform the coffee attributes in to flavours and aromas. As a genius = less coffee/shorter blooming time. More Coffee/longer blooming time = that make sense right? Ie. 33 g of coffee = 30 sec blooming time. 60 g of coffee = 50-60 sec blooming time. 3 step: building up your coffee in the filter = you coffee brewing times length and letting you coffee steep in the filter. Coffee needs to be handled firm and homogenises. Ie. Dont let your coffee set/sit or "dry out in the filter" when you pour the water in your coffee filter. Virsa versa, you have to be careful, that you don't pour too much water, so you create a "swimming pool" on top of the coffee in the filter. The coffee should have a smooth "run through" contact time with water. You can find inspiration on Brewmethods.
As a general rule you should dial in your espresso using a scale. The first three shots is normally indicating your espresso flow and the appearance of how well your espresso flow/brew. Your first indicator should be the first drop appearing after activating starting the water flow (pump/bottom) I recommend the first drop to appear approx. at 6-8 sec. in that way your espressoshot will brew as long a 26-31 sec. If it appears before 4 sec. I will recommend you should grind finer and visa versa if the first drop appears to late/after 8 sec or more.
Dosering 19,5 g dobb shot
Ekstraktion 27-29 sek
Vægt i væske 38 g.
Ekstraktion rate 19,5/40= 0,51%
The dose is calculated using a 20g porta filter Min dose 19g/Max dose 21 g. pr dobb espresso.